Percy Hatfield MPP, Windsor-Tecumseh

Government of Ontario

Windsor-Tecumseh MPP challenges Premier on Hydro Rates

Published on September 5, 2017

March 2, 2017

Queen’s Park – Today during question period, Percy Hatfield, MPP for Windsor-Tecumseh, called out the premier on hydro charges that are causing schools in Windsor to struggle, and are hurting families who are already falling behind on their hydro bills.

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“I’d like to tell the premier about Ron who lives in Windsor-Tecumseh. Ron contacted my office recently because he was under the impression that the premier and her Liberal government were actually going to do something about his skyrocketing hydro bills. Imagine his surprise come January 1 when he saw the promised temporary 8 per cent rebate on his bill – but the bill was actually higher than it was the month before,” Hatfield said.

“Why doesn’t the premier ‘get’ that people like Ron, people from all over this province, can tell when she puts forward solutions that only address the premier’s sticky political situation and don’t actually fix the mess she made in our hydro system?”

Hatfield said community facilities like schools have been hit hard by skyrocketing hydro bills.

“The Greater Essex County District School Board saw hydro costs increase by $50,000 in 2015, and $431,000 in 2016. Doesn’t she understand that people like Ron, and school boards all across this province see this plan for what it actually is, a desperate party playing political games with a hydro system that they made a mess of in the first place?”

The premier did not answer Hatfield’s questions, instead passing on his questions to the Minister of Energy.

Today, the premier announced a hydro scheme that fails to stop the sell–off of Hydro One, and does not address structural problems with the broken system. The premier’s plan will see bankers win with a $40 billion borrowing scheme leaving Ontario families to pay the price, one way or another.

On Monday, Andrea Horwath and the Ontario New Democrats launched a comprehensive plan to return Ontario’s hydro ownership to the people, and to reduce rates by up to 30 per cent. It includes ending mandatory time-of-use pricing and premium delivery charges. The plan will start lowering bills immediately, and will result in billions of dollars being returned to Ontario instead of ending up in the hands of private and foreign corporations.