Percy Hatfield MPP, Windsor-Tecumseh

Government of Ontario

Poet Laureate Post-Prorogue, Let's Get It Done: MPP Hatfield

Published on March 22, 2018

March 20, 2018  QUEEN'S PARK -  MPP Hatfield presses for Poet Laureate, Post-Prorogue

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Mr. Percy Hatfield: Okay, listen up. It’s poetry time, Mr. Speaker.

My prose may have been stronger, but

Being prorogued has made me weaker.

Our private members’ bills are dead—just collateral damage.

That’s disappointing—but what can we do, we’ll just have to manage.

Perhaps there’s nothing to prevent

A bill’s adoption by unanimous consent.

You can tell I am putting on a brave face,

As I know in my specific case,

On behalf of the proletariat,

I had my hopes set on a provincial poet laureate.

Gord Downie was a poet and singer with the Tragically Hip,

His poetry followed no traditional script.

But his poetry and lyrics were seamless,

He was considered a humble and literary genius.

In his memory the poet laureate bill was dedicated.

It won unanimous consent here when it was debated.

It had the Premier’s support, her House leader’s too.

But politics got in the way and out of the blue,

Prorogation—a political stain on good public legislation.

I say to my Liberal friends, if you want the credit, then make the bill your own,

Gord Downie and I won’t care—let that be known.

He called his daily writing lifting the 400-pound feather,

So instead of fighting, let’s do this together.

Let’s create this non-partisan position,

To me, it’s a simple transition.

Make it a government bill instead of a PMB.

An Ontario poet laureate named in memory of the one and only, the Hip’s Gord Downie.