Percy Hatfield MPP, Windsor-Tecumseh

Government of Ontario

Lyme Disease Strategy

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Whereas Ontario does not have a strategy on Lyme disease,

And whereas the Public Health Agency of Canada is developing an Action Plan on Lyme disease,

And whereas Toronto Public Health says that transmission of the disease requires the tick to be attached for 24 hours, so early intervention and diagnosis is of primary importance,

And whereas a motion was introduced to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario encouraging the government to adopt a strategy on Lyme disease, while taking into account the impact the disease has upon individuals and families in Ontario.

We the undersigned petition the government of Ontario to develop an integrated strategy on Lyme disease consistent with the Action Plan of the Public Health Agency of Canada, taking into account available treatments, accessibility issues and the efficacy of the currently-available diagnostic mechanisms. In so doing, it should consult with representatives of the healthcare community and patients’ groups within one year.



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