Percy Hatfield MPP, Windsor-Tecumseh

Government of Ontario

Health Care Funding

Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Whereas Ontario’s growing and aging population is putting an increasing strain on our publicly funded health care system; and

Whereas since February 2015, the Ontario government has made an almost 7% unilateral cut to physician services expenditures which cover all the care doctors provide to patients; and

Whereas the decisions Ontario makes today will impact patients’ access to quality care in the years to come and these cuts will threaten access to the quality, patient-focused care Ontarian's need and expect;

We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

The Minister of Health and Long-Term Care return to the table with Ontario’s doctors and work together through mediation-arbitration to reach a fair deal that protects the quality, patient-focused care Ontario’s families deserve.

Will you sign?