Percy Hatfield MPP, Windsor-Tecumseh

Government of Ontario

Hatfield praises local nurses for their dedication, loyalty, and hard work

Published on May 18, 2021

WINDSOR – NDP MPP Percy Hatfield delivered a statement in the Ontario legislature Tuesday to recognize the outstanding dedication of each and every nurse in Windsor and Essex County, that are for the second year in a row are all being honoured with the Nurse of the Year award.  
“Down my way, during Nursing Week we honour an outstanding individual who has served the community through excellence in delivering patient care. Because of COVID-19 – for the second year – the dedication of each and every nurse in Windsor and Essex County is being recognized,” said Hatfield. 
The local President of our R.N.A.O. chapter is Crystal Hepburn. She says ‘This year, this award recognizes the extreme dedication, loyalty and hard work that all of our nurses are providing to ensure our community continues to be safe and healthy during this pandemic.’ 
“As a symbol of their service to our community, there will be a dedicated bench in Leamington’s Seacliff Park to recognize the valuable contribution of the nurses in Windsor and Essex County. The nurses have already established similar benches in Windsor’s Jackson Park and at the Health and Wellness Centre in Amherstburg.” 
“Our nurses have been recognizing one of their own since 2008.  The “Nurse of the Year” award carries the name and honours the contribution of a former President of the O.N.A. Lois Fairley spent her career as a nurse and Head Nurse looking after patients at our former Salvation Army Grace Hospital,” added Hatfield. 
“This year’s theme to Nursing Week is Still Standing, Still Proud. A theme that reflects the challenges that nurses have withstood throughout this pandemic, and their remarkable resilience and dedication. During this pandemic, nurses have worked hard each and every day and night, every single shift, month after month.” 
“They are exhausted, yet they have persevered and continue to care for all of us in need. The courage, professionalism, and compassion they display is humbling. Nurses are loved, trusted, respected and appreciated by their patients and by the people of Ontario.”